The Lion

March 18, 2008
By Iman Nworisa, Damscus, MD

I bite my tongue
I clear my throat
These people still don’t get it though
They talk their stuff
And roll their eyes
All I can think is they’re telling themselves a lie
They talk all day
About this and that
Talking about how I am going get smacked
Just cause I’m quiet and don’t say that much
Doesn’t mean that they can’t get touched
I describe myself as a lion
Cause I sit back and watch my prey
They talk all their stuff
Then they’re seeing their last day
Nobody ever knows when the Lion’s
Gonna attack
Everyone see’s him as quiet
And think he’s not gonna do smack
But when he jumps out
And attacks
Everyone wants to act all surprised
Sitting there and wondering why
There’s a lot u don’t know
And a lot u can’t see

So be careful and
Be who/what u want to be
Who cares what people think
Cause really they can’t see
You shouldn’t have to put on a show
Or fake and pretend
Cause once it all starts who knows where it will end
So don’t end up like the lion
So fed up with life
Say what u what to say
U shouldn’t have to bite
If they don’t like u for who you are
Then what that means really
Is that truly you’re a star
Wear what you want to wear
Say what u have to say

Cause me I don’t care if people choose to hate
The one’s who hate the most are easy to pick out
They’re always the ones who have to scream and shout
They’re trying to make an impression
But guess what
U have already made yours

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