You Take A Mile

October 31, 2011
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I gave you my heart you've been there from the start.Thinking about the things we do, didnt realize how much our love grew.Seeing the joy in your eyes, please dont give me a reason to cry.Am happy were i stand.The feeling i get when i hold your hand.I know its not a crime to say things on my mind.I know were just messing around i heard you more then once to try it some time.I believe in every word i hear but to hear the lies and faults i fear.Am not like those ohter girls am not ease to break.Seeing the life am living and seeing you in it is great.Loving you the way you are look how we came this far.I love you more then you can say, i love you each and every way.Seeing you everyday and hearing people doesnt phase.Every time i look at you i make it worth a while.I take an inch you take a mile.

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