The Gamers plea.

October 30, 2011
By Konner BRONZE, Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee
Konner BRONZE, Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee
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"it is better to dwell in the forest, than with an contemptuos and angry woman" Proverbs 21:19

In my world I am the King/ no other man can stand to me/ Dragons I slay with my bare hands/ I ride forth to conquer all lands/ The women giggle as I go by/ But in life I cannot even say hi/ If only strenght would come from my better side/ where I could stop the ocean at its highest tide/ to get to the ship where my love goes/ where slowley she rows and rows/ If only I could borrow speechcraft/ For when I get to that lonely raft/ So then I could speak to that fair maide/ and all my trouble and cares abaden/ but all of this is not so/ for I can't fall a man with a blow/ Kill a goblin nor a dragon/ drink a pint or flagon/ wait seven hours in one spot/ or cook without a single pot/ but none of these put me down so low/ as being unable to say hello/ to the most beautiful girl I could ever see/ who makes me wish I wasn't me.

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