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October 30, 2011
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It’s my world that I can enter anytime I wish. Where I can escape my reality and enter my dreamland filled with my fantasies and characters. Writing allows me to vent in the voice of someone else, so that I can’t hurt anyone and no one can hurt me.

I write for this world and the next. I write out my fears and darkest secrets. I write to my soulmate. I write our stories. I write not knowing where my hand will guide the pen, but knowing I will enjoy the story at the end. I write out my thoughts and wishes. I write my dreams and my nightmares. I write knowing I will be heard. I write to get lost. I write the misunderstood to understand. I write to imagine the unbelievable. I write to find myself.

I write to remember my past, and discover my future. That is why I write, so I don’t forget and so I can keep dreaming.

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