Where Has the Beauty Been?

March 18, 2008
By Lauren Blood, Whiting, NJ

It's beautiful here some say

As I look around today

There must be some beauty somewhere

But with all those bodies been burned and death filling the air

It's hard to breathe its hard not to cry

I wonder why that beauty just passed me by

Those men destroyed all the trees and rivers and beautiful things god gave us

I asked him what I shall have to do it get it back id do whatever I must

But he doesn't answer and I feel like I am talking to a wall

Please god do you hear the beauty call

I can image what it must have been like here

With willow trees, wild flowers and white tailed deer

Now its camps with shower deaths and lifeless bodies everywhere you look

I wanted to cry and ask where the beauty had gone who took

It from this holy place why must I weep

I ask god for just one night of sleep

This place haunts me for what it has been

And the horror it's become the sin

I weep for the beauty that is gone maybe one day it will return

Tell than I look at this place, were beauty has been and my heart continues to yearn

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