March 18, 2008
By Dulce Torres, Irving, TX

Why do I feel this way when I'm with you?
Why are you so perfect?
you are like the heart I once drew
Without limits it came out to be what I expected.

It's just that you are everything I need
Everything I ever wanted
If I don't have you, Im going to start to bleed.
They can say is wrong, but you are like my weed

So why don't we be together?
And why not stay like that forever?
Let's don't give a damn about what people think
Let's live our lives as if they were pink
Yeah, maybe we'll go and drink

Yeah, it might not be right
But is not about right or wrong
What I care is if what we feel is strong
And if it is, may be I'll write a song
Who knows?

So why don't we go with the flow?
yeah, we can do it slow
So why don't we give ourselves a chance?
And later we can dance

So if you are my sky
If you are my life
Why? why not?
why don't we... love?

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