One More Time

March 17, 2008
By Lora Reardon, Centennial, CO

What’s going through there head
when they think their better off dead?
What secrets lie behind
The killers eye and mind?
Do they know what their doing,
Or is it all just for fun?
Taking someone’s life,
Killing them, its over done.
How can hate get so strong ,
And we not know it all along?
We cant see the pain inside
The killers face can hide.
How can hate sink so deep,
That murder rises to the top?
How can the ride get so scary,
That you are begging to get off?
Going on a rampage,
Killing random kids at school,
Joining gangs and starting violence,
Only to be cool?
Its sad to see how the worlds evolved,
Over this period of time,
Only to increase in murder suicide and crime.
But whose to say were not all on drugs,
Just doing stupid stuff?
When will we become sane again,
When will we have had enough?
So lets just stop for a minute,
All the killings drugs and crime,
Lets try to slow things down,
Lets try life one more time.

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