Don't Ever Forget That Feeling

March 17, 2008
Dont ever forget that feeling
the one that your feeling right now
you can feel it in the bottom of your stomach
the tingles inside that creep up your spine
hold on to it as long as you can
let it grow inside of you until you are about to burst
cherish it and nurture it
keep it safe and hold it close
you know it right?
its the feeling that hides in the deepest crevice of your heart
for some it is guarded and locked away for fear of being stripped from them
some say that once you have harnest this feeling
it can go away
that sometimes, it doesn't last
they say that over time it dissolves and that there is no way to stop this
that however,
is something i dont believe
where would it go?
there is no escape route
no emergency exit for it to venture out of
feelings like this do not go away
they captivate your soul
and take over your mind
its like a four leaf clover
something so beautiful and rare
like the purest stream
or the brightest set of stars
once you have tasted it, you cannot seem to live without it
it is the true elixar of life
the same thing that can keep some young and at the same time destroy others
it travels down your throat
into the deepest part of you so it cannot escape
hold on tight to it-
promise me
if you are ever so lucky to grasp this
never let go
always remember
what that feeling feels like
just incase you- even for a split second
for all the material things in the world
could not replace this feeling
it should never be given up on

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