Down And Out

March 17, 2008
By Riona Mc Ardle, Dundalk, ZZ

Well the dog doesn’t bark,
but sit real still,
His teeth speak volumes of their own
when he kisses your flesh hello.

The church mice play the keyboard song,
they’re kissing to keep from going wrong,
but I’m sick of love and the devil’s wrath
so I’ll just take the bullet to the face.
I caught a glimpse of the singing bird,
heard him twice and now he’s in my head,
Coz he’ll never shut up, he’ll never sit still,
and I’ll take the music before the right thing.

Well come on then, you’ve found me now,
You’re pulling faces but here I am,
Hold on tight, you’ll need the grip,
We’re playing down and out now.

And I’m betting you’ll lose.

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