The New and the Old

March 17, 2008
Every friend is a precious gem
One not alike to another
Some come old some come new
The new with some more fame
You lay on your wrist the new and complete
With shine so very anew
You throw down the old
Though you have been told
How much the old has better value
You walked in the light
The gems all shine
Ready to show off the fame
You walk and you strut
But seems to be what
The sudden feel of shame
You look at your feet
As though its defeat
And the gems lose their shine
They break and they fall
The big and the small
Losing the perfect design
You walked to your bed
Feeling you’ve misled
Those other gems whom you forgot
You look at the ground
What seems to be found
The old gems that you have shot
One in the pieces shines without light
It seems to be one of a kind,
And you see that it was all right
To be somewhat blind
Now before u have been said
It’s been well - read and you have been told
That the new gems are silver
And the old ones are gold

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