What Can I Do?

October 30, 2011
By DawniDeVarious SILVER, Enterprise, Alabama
DawniDeVarious SILVER, Enterprise, Alabama
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You’re my autumn breeze,
the moon illuminating my night.
You’re the angel who gently sings
the story of my life,solemnly, as I begin to sink.

On the edge of the deep blue sea
you are the dark gray rocks, stopping me.
But all I can do is run and hide, contradicting my diplomacy.

Oh my love, why can’t you see
that I’m the right man, that you're meant for me?
Why does the sun never set when I look into your eyes?
Is it the glare from the heavens, forever shining it’s light?
Or could it be the moon giving up it’s place in my late october sky, patronizing me as I’m losing this fight…

What do I have left to hold on to?

I’m losing my grip on life and of course, my sanity.
Girl, you are a mystery, forever dropping clues that drive me crazy.

Why can I not dissolve this space between
you and I, can’t you see?
There’s only just one line, a small delicacy.
Despair, why do you forever haunt me?
I've lost my direction and you’ve only taunted me.
She’s the achor to my new down and I’m only too blind too see.

How can I compare thee, shall I do so to a lover’s tree?
With it’s trunks carved in every inch with the words “Bury Me.”…

On everything I love, your absence is the only thing I fear.
My shadow will shrink to that of a child’s when your love’s no longer here.

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