sometimes is always a doubt

November 1, 2011
sometimes i wonder
if my love stroked you like thunder
or if you don't love me and you hide it down under

sometimes i think of you as the love of my life
and sometimes the one that will destroy my life
sometimes i don't remember talking to you live
sometimes i think it has always been Skype

love trust and respect
ant that how life is supposed to be
and i don't even know if you do any of those for me
i don't know if she loves me or she is using me

its like to be satisfied being in love with a lie
its just the blame game
no truth just lies

so don't even mind telling them
cause i wont be believe in them

so why are we still here
isn't this break up
or is it just a make up

i don't know but my heart its what i need to pick up
you left it on the ground to be stepped on
while you eat of me just like a step son
now i need to forget about you 50 thousand feet up

the first night alone
and i already got some one home
know who is the one who spends the night alone
sorry baby but you ain’t welcome to this home

now you don't need to be remind
that i am the one you lost and always on you mind
life is not about pressing rewind
just about having what you need defined

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