Live, Laugh, Love

November 1, 2011
By zoid123 GOLD, Charlotte, Vermont
zoid123 GOLD, Charlotte, Vermont
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Favorite Quote:
Trying to be someone your not is a waste of the person you currently are.

I stare out the window, and up in the sky,
Ther's a rain cloud that look like a lost duck,
It is holding a piece of grain in it's beak, with luck,
It will rain into the field, Causing the duck to fly.

Live, Laugh, Love

I'm in my room; in my arms is my teddy-bear,
On my desk is a moutainous piece of pie,
I just ate thanksgiving dinner with my,
Loving friens, family, and people who care,

Live, Laugh, Love

The teddy-bear I hold, has lost some stuffing,
It happened when we carved pumkins last,
Halloween, I was a witch, but in the past,
Iv'e worn many costumes and I'm not bluffing,

Live, Laugh, Love

The author's comments:
OMG, this was a tough poem to write i wrote it for a class. I had to use certain words they gave us for each line, chose to use a simile, metaphor, personification, for each of the stanza's. also use a repeater after each stanza. While trying to use the rhyme scheme A,B,B,A. It was difficult to do but as you see i managed.

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