This Is My World

March 17, 2008
By Devon Coultas, Gig Harbor, WA

I am from worries not my own, the people I care about are too much a part of me; cut one and the other bleeds

I am from biting air worming into warm clothes on cold winter days

I am from a horse’s powerful muscles stretching underneath me as legs fly fast

I am from an aching wrist and numb fingertips from too long spent writing, the smell of lead heavy around me

I am from frustrated tears and angry heat rising

I am from giddy relief and seeing the world in colour again

I am from a study in contrast; a living example of yin and yang

I am from the smell of rain and damp cloth

I am from the restless energy of a sky filled with sheet lightning

I am from long days spent absorbing the California sun

I am from five senses I have yet to understand;

the melting taste of hot chocolate

the touch of skin against skin

the sound of music pounding through my body

the smell of the earth during a thunder storm

and the sight of my world; falling into place or falling apart

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