Sorry if I'm Different

March 17, 2008
By nissa ridley, Santa Clara, CA

Sorry if I'm different,
Or if it seems I hate you.
My friends say you’re wonderful,
And I think you are great too.
I wish that I could tell you,
Or show you this in person,
But when I start to say it,
It all comes out as nothing.

Sorry if I'm different,
So I don’t look you in the eye.
But you got to know it’s hard for me,
Especially when you pass by.
It feels like my head's spinning,
In circles like a top.
And when I see you there,
My thinking just won’t stop.

Sorry if I'm different,
In a unique, sort of, way.
To me the unimportant,
Is the most important, per se.
In life, I see the little things,
It’s just a little knack.
If it’s not that tiny plastic ring,
It’s the engraving on the back.

Sorry if I’m different,
And I start to scheme.
I know it can be scary,
Just like a frightening dream.
Some people say their life they’d give,
To save a friend in need.
And yet I know they’d rather live,
But that’d be different for me.

Sorry if I'm different,
I'm trying to fit in.
But it gets hard with all the problems,
Fitting in one, small bin.
It’s hard when you get snitched on,
Especially by a friend.
But at least you know she cares,
So it’s still best friends till the end?

Sorry if I’m different,
I really don’t want to be.
I guess I just stand out,
My name, my face, my personality.
Maybe life's what you want it to be,
I just wish I could believe that’s true.
For now, I’ll just have to rely on faith.
And, for giving it back to me, Thank you.

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