No Faith. No Belief.

March 17, 2008
By Catherine Rodgers, Pittsburgh, PA

There is a beautiful innocence,
beneath her broken life that has fallen into bits and pieces of shambles.
The silence speaks in great volumes, of the trouble that she keeps,
but the church and His hands are wrapped securely around her…
And He saved her, and He saved her.

As she sits, her frail hands tremble, in the midst of a thorn like world.
A soft tear slowly rolls down her cheek,
Like it always does.
Through the days that hide emotions,
pain falls through the air like silk,
behind her gentle smile.
But He saved her, but He saved her.

Between heavy sighs and nervous breaths,
she brushes a hand lightly on the cross, gold and shiny
that she wears around her tender neck.
At the foot of her bed on wobbly knees,
she closes her uneasy eyes and prays.
Because He saved her, because He saved her.

She has faith. She believes.

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