Taking One Last Bow

March 17, 2008
When your dreams seem to fade away,
Don't give it all up just because of what others might say.

You might of not got a part in a movie or the modeling agencies didn't even bare to look at you,
But dont walk off on that dream whatever you do.

It might seem impossible now but nothing is,
Sit back and remember all you thought when we were just kids.

As kids we thought of everything being able to come true,
Thinking anything in the world could happen, even to you.

Then we stepped into reality and realized that's not how things work out,
Life is full of dissappointments, but thats not what it's all about.

Chase whatever your dreams may be,
Open your eyes for just a second, there's a whole huge world to see.

For those that believe and for those who don't,
Life turns out totally different, life might be so great, for quitters it won't.

Some things seem too hard to grasp or become,
But who knows, you could be anyone.

Don't set limits for anything you do,
The crazy but amazing times are what you'll lose.

A lot of things change in this hectic world we live in,
Some things change into what they should have always been.

Life is unexpecting so don't think you've got it all now,
Soon you could be up on stage, infront of millions, taking one last bow.

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