March 17, 2008
Shocked and apalled, never thought I would fall.
Puzzled and confused never felt so used.
Though I was in love, but I guess love wasn't the word.
How dumb was I to not realize I was hurt.
Got me crazy over him, I don't want him to leave.
What's the point of staying if I can't wipe these tears off my sleeve?
Did everything I could just to make you glad.
So wrapped around your finger wasn't thinking about the feelings I had.
They always say you can't get everything you want.
I thought I was different, I guess I was wrong.
I guess I'm just another chick in your little black book.
The book that's not based upon personality, but basde upon looks.
But you know what? From those girls I stand apart.
Unlike them I do have a heart.
In which I gave it to you, but you decided to break it.
Now I'm picking up the shattered peices and I just can't face it.
You're supposed to b e my rovk, my armor, my shield.
Instead you're a hole in my heart and you bring me hell.
I want to cry, but I don't want to cry, so I don't cry.
But when I close my eyes and see your eyes, its all a lie.
I try to explain myself but I don't know why.They say its better ones out there, one's who actually care.
If that were true, why can't I get these twigs out of my hair?
There is a rose for every thorn.
Still I sit here hurt and torn.
Get over yourself! You're full of it!
Find another one you're making no sense.
I'm usually so clam but I'm beginnig to go sane.
I'm crazy now throwing your belongings in the rain.
Oops! There goes your shoes, your leatherman jacket,
your ring, your CDs, your baseball cap and The necklace you gave me I'm going to keep.
Actually I'm going to sell it because it's priceless to me.
The notes you wrote me is going in the trash.
All the times you said you loved me is now deep in sahes.
I'm tired of loving you but never getting love back.
I'm tired of giving you everything but you never give back.
Should've listened to my instinct a long time ago.
When I caught you in a mix, should've let you go.
I'[m braver now, I know how to take care of mines.
I know how to handle myself without a man in sight.
I'm not using any big words cause you seem to be stupid.
How you hurt a girl like me, boy you foolish.

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