To a Friend

October 26, 2011
You are the tinkling of chimes in a warm breeze
The pleasant sound of lazy afternoons
But sometimes more like a yell or scream

You are the pages of a well-used notebook
Written in ink to last a lifetime
But still, paper can be crumpled and torn

You are a good movie on a terrible day
Memorized lines and familiarity
But sometimes this grows boring

You are the stars shining through a long night
Not the moon, yet shining collectively as bright
But the stars can hide at times

You are the silent stone wall
Sometimes seeming cold and cruel
But always there for me
(I guess you'd have to be...)

You can be the darkness of a long night
The countless pages crumpled in frustration
Or the film played too many times

That is when I am the stars giving light
The ink on new pages, the tinkling of chimes
Then, as a friend, you've given me a chance to shine

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