Something you may not understand.

October 26, 2011
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The world around you. Filled with an ocean of people. All carrying a different thought, plan of action and way of life. As you walk down the busy street you weave in and out of the stright path. It's like your going the wrong direction, and everyone else is trying to push you back. You may not understand the place you live in, but welcome to reality.

Her. Her thoughts and motives. The way she keeps to herself. She is a pearl hidding in an osyster, waiting for someone to discover her. Crack open the hard otter shell and you will find the true beauty. You may not understand the girl you see, but she understands everyone else.

Truth. The way it gets covered up and twisted. Like tangled cords, the truth is hard to seperate. The layers of lies mix in with the truth and mask it. Getting down to the right wire takes time, but in the end you have the answer. It may not be what you were looking for, but now it's there. You may not understand the truth, but who ever does?

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