March 17, 2008
He puts it to his mouth, breathes it in, and blows it out.
A lazy bum, sits there all alone, trying to prove that he is tough.
As his head spins, he does not care, he passes it on so others can share.He puts it on his lap, lying on his back, not givi9ng a sparkle that he's on crack.
Other people laugh, he doesn't get the joke, all day all night he feels alone.
Got babies on the way, more than you can say, he wants to give it up, but no, not today.
This addiction is his life, this addiction is his time, this addiction is his pride.
this addiction is taking over his life one day at a time.
When he falls asleep, dreams, he dreams of weed.
His momma's given up she doesn't want to, but there's no luck.
Convincing himself that weed is not a drug but a herb, he's to high to be sure.
But why bother, it's not his fault, I blame the father.
His dad was never there to show that he cares, his dad was never there.
dipping in and out his life, but what's the point he does not cry.
As his tension rises, blood pressure boiling, now he despises.
The mirror is where he looks, he looks harder, his face the streets have took.
Dang! I scream, feeling sorry, but I can't change him it seems.
And even though he loves living, he can't stop, so he doesn't give in.
Man what's wrong? why don't you stop? This is why you think black men don't get along with cops.
I want him to be close, so I bring him near,life is blocking his view. so he can't see clear.
As it rains, it gets worse, every raindrop is a teardrop, every teardrop is pain.
Even though I don't know you, I do love you, Which is why I try and help you.
This mess is getting deep, more than I can bare, looking at your situation makes me weep.
He's being hospitalized,
pumping his stomach, they asking questions and he lies.
Next he's injecting needles, abusing himself, abusing people.
This is not an intervention, I'm not asking, I'm telling.
This will stop, whether you like it or not, it's time to put you on top.
Even though I've only seen you from a distance, this will stop this instant.
I walk up to you, don't be afraid, I've watched you throw your life away,
now you're getting a new one today.

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