Theatre is Love

March 17, 2008
By Sam Ahmann, Minot, ND

Theatre is amazing,
For those who don't know.
We work so very hard
For our first show.

We construct a set
And memorize our lines,
Then go around town
Hanging up signs.

We record the sounds
And program the lights,
Making everything perfect
For opening night.

When the day finally comes,
We go backstage to pray
That nothing goes bad
And that we'll all do okay.

Of course, because it's live,
Something will go wrong.
Especially something odd,
Like seeing someone's thong!

Then the moment passes
And the play soon ends.
We all run out to bow
For applauding family and friends.

After our last performance,
We stay after to strike.
Which, let me say, is not
Something we really like.

Saying good-bye to a play
Is not easy to do.
You think about it so much,
It becomes a part of you.

You're around it so much,
It's all you think of.
But it's in the end
You realize theatre is love.

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