Nothing Can Compete

March 17, 2008
By Tyler Arutunian, Sevierville, TN

Nothing can compete
You want to be saved?
I've heard it before
She's considered depraved
with sadness galore.
Give me a reason.
Because you love me?
To not would be treason.
Good enough I suppose,
but do you bluff
the words you chose?
Do not fret,
for I'll believe...
You're not in debt
You don't owe me.
I swear I'll be there,
arms extended...
No matter your hair,
or if your mood's blended.
I'll be ready
to fly you away.
Don't stop breathing steady
With you I'll stay.
We won't have to come back,
Just you and me
Give the world its slack
Bring us opportunity.
In the air
I'll hold you tight,
and never let go.
Even after I die
my love will burn,
and carry on.
For I have learned
I have already won.
I have seen true love
and I'm complete
Pure as a dove,
Nothing can compete

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