Angel's Field MAG

November 2, 2011
By Richard Kuss BRONZE, Somewhere, Alabama
Richard Kuss BRONZE, Somewhere, Alabama
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We would run through the golden brown fields
as if we were the only two people in the world.
Then we would stop in a place that was only ours.
You’d lie on the ground and talk about the usual things that girls do,
But I would try and listen and keep track of what you were saying
and to only get lost in your voice which
was more beautiful than angels singing.

“Brad Pitt blah, blah, blah.”

I would stare into your eyes and wonder
why god didn’t keep an angel like you for himself.
Then out of nowhere you pressed your lips to mine
and they connected like positive to negative.
All of this time the only thing I was thinking was “I’m in heaven.”
Then you would get up and I would follow.
We would walk and talk until the sky was a dark violet.
Then I would say “Good night”
and you would say the same only a thousand times better.

And during my trek home I would only think “I’m cuter than Brad Pitt!”

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