If I Could Go Back In Time

October 23, 2011
By Zoey Zhu BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Zoey Zhu BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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If I could go back in time…..
I would visit Agatha Christie in 1920 to help her write Poirot.
I would visit Chuck Norris in 1972 to watch him find the way of the dragon.
I would visit Steve McQueen in 1963 to help him with a great escape.
I would visit Bruce Lee in 1973 to warn him of his death.
I would visit Adolf Hitler in 1945 to laugh in his face.
I would visit Jackie Chan in 1962 to tell him how famous he will be.
I would visit George Washington in 1754 to encourage him to continue fighting.
I would visit Gene Roddenberry in 1967 to tell him that he should not write Star Trek.
I would visit Bugs Bunny in 1940 to tell that the sky is up.
I would visit my grandpa in 1979 to congratulate him on his promotion to general.

The author's comments:
This was very fun to write and recommend others to do this as well.

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