From the Ashes

March 16, 2008
This world of the broken, with hearts black and cold,
Is filled with the souls who don't do what they're told.
Living in the dark with no hopes and crushed dreams,
While drowning in the water of our sin-filled streams.
Every thought, every look, every tear that is shed,
Represents why you are here, and why you are dead.
But this isn't the end for the dying and lost,
We are here to bring you back, no matter the trials, no matter the cost.
Because you can't deny the constant churning.
The hope is inside, A fire is burning.
From start to finish, you have always had control,
For you are the one who has brought this sorrow to your soul.
Now wipe away these tears that have been blurring your vision.
Forget about the past, this is your decision.
Remove from your chest all the guilt and all the lies.
Take off your mask, you don't need a disguise.
Seal up these wounds and mend all the gashes.
Dust off the dirt and rise up from the ashes.

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