Kissing Winter Leaves

October 25, 2011
By ustukushii SILVER, Orem, Utah
ustukushii SILVER, Orem, Utah
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"If you are a dreamer come in
If you are a dreamer
A wisher, A lier
A hop-er, A pay-er
A magic bean buy-er
If you are a pretender, come
And sit by my fire
For we have some fox-golden tales to spin
come in, come in" - Shel Silverson

I miss the way the leaves used to fall
When summer was slowly turning into fall
I miss the colored tress
And the late summer breeze
I miss the sunsets of September
And the memories I will always remember
I miss his smell
And the way his chest felt
I miss staying up all night
And getting into pointless fights
I miss the green grass
That slowly turned yellow

But I do kinda like the snow
And the way it glitters and glows
I like the warm fires
And the white telephone wires
I like the peaceful sound
Of no one around
And I love the way you smile
When I haven’t seen you in a while
But still I…

Miss the way the leaves would fall
When summer was slowly turning into fall

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