Oh, This Warm Fresh Asphalt...

March 16, 2008
Oh, this warm fresh asphalt,
stretching out so far-wide-out-away, molding to movement
the earth and sky curling up around this rhythm
this fast-paced footstep beat, lightweight and heartfelt

limbs ready, through the flimsy screen door,
that’s how it all starts,
sometime so late in the night and early in the morning
that this washed out earth is still breathing deep breaths of sleep
all in some particular moment that is never recorded

drinking in this delicious cool sweet joy-ade
don’t need anything but this life, this bright cicada-wonderful life
feet pressed to the ground, feeling the heartbeat of this place, this
one and only place
relief flooding out in quick deep breaths

Oh, for these birds are cooing softly,
and this moment is alive with sound and cool breezes
propelled forward, feeling this earth through these bare feet,
can you hear this moment, this subtle steady rhythm?

can you hear the life?
you, with your fresh, ripe, joyous soul?
you can hear it, yes?
this here and

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