Lost in Thoughts

March 16, 2008
By Ruben A. Hughes, Teaneck, NJ

lost in thoughts and feelings about how I feel or how I should feel. I don't know. I want to love you, but time tells me its too soon but when is it right to say I love you. Am I just seeing lust or what I want to see? This exploring tingle hasn't turned my stomach in years. Yes years! I close my eyes and my mind brings me to you. Spirituality, you are my god. My heart worships you and all I pray for is happiness and wellness for the both of us. I've been searching for the greatest love song to describe us but I have came to realize that we are the voice and our hearts create the beat of the only known record toward love. Blocked by outside confusion you have stayed by me to see every situation out. Feelings have grown from its first baby steps to marriage and as lost as my thoughts may seem . . . I found you.

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