Here's Where I Draw the Line

March 16, 2008
Here's where I draw the line,
between breathing and hoping to live.

I will no longer crawl these halls at night wishing to see your skin cells floating in the fog. My legs are broken, and my arms are weak from extensive reaching;

I can't take your memories anymore.

Weighing me down like millions of bad dreams,
haunting my happiness.

I will no longer feel guilty for laughing freely in the sunlight.
Can't you see the same twinkle on my face as is in your eyes?

Here's where I draw the line between faking it,
and actually allowing myself to feel the vancancy in my heart imploding.
[You'll never know what you can achieve or live through until you're forced to do so; Whether by free will, or by sheer coincidence]

No more begging for your attention with silly witty messages
just to hear you say you love me, so I can get the sick adrenaline rush
poisoned by the lies your reak.

I miss your smile with every breath I take - But is it fair that my existence is going to get cut short?

I think you and I both know the answer to that.

Here's where I draw the line between goodbye,
and I'll love you forever, but It's not so hard to let go this time.

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