One Day Down, Six More to Go...

March 16, 2008
By Blake Buck, Colona, IL

One day down six more to go
Already I miss you
Because I know every night I’ll see you in my bed
Laying right next to me
Being right there with me
But I know that when I speak
And I try to hug you tight
Your image will turn to sand
And I will be looking at the shadow of where you have been
Two days down five more to suffer
I miss you like the ocean would miss the crest of the sun
Like how the sailor would miss the most beautiful sunset
And I know that when I am up tonight
The nearest star will seem closer to me then you are now
Three days down four more to kill
I miss the feel of you in my arms
How soft your skin is in my hands
Your eyes closed shut under my head
I miss you, my everything
Four days down three more to get through
I miss you being there for me
Staring at a TV thinking about you and me
Wondering how good it will all be
Letting a tear run its path down my cheek
So somewhere you know I still love you
Five days down two more to waste
I’m sitting on the computer looking at pictures of you
Dreaming of the day when you get back
Your smile is radiant, lifting me to the clouds
Even though two days seems so long to me
Six days down one more to tame
I’m so excited you seem so close
But on this last day time slows down
I remember pacing around
Like a desperate man waiting for mail
I remember what I felt waiting for you…
Seven days down the time has come
I come there early so I could be waiting first
Sitting on the ground I can’t believe you’re almost here
I look left and right periodically, searching for where you could arrive in
I glimpse a bus at the corner of my eye
It teeters and sways to the motion of a wave
It stops beside me, the door opens up, and you appear
You’re bags drop, you run up
This embrace I’ve waited for makes everything worth it
This embrace so reminiscent because
It reminds me why I love you

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