What Can I Say to the World

March 15, 2008
What can I say to the world,
when no one is listening?

How can I show everyone what’s on my mind,
when no one is looking?

When is the time to march forth and say "I quit" to the world’s misery,
when everyone is not?

Where can I turn to when everything is black,
where everyone keeps following into?

Why is the time flying by with joy,
when time slows through misery?

I can say Love and let love,
and they will hear me.

I can show them the fiery explosion of my insanity,
and they will notice.

The time is endless,
for I will be the first to say "I quit, and I am proud."

I can turn around to the light,
and walk the opposite direction of everyone else.

I make my time of joy, and my time of misery.
Can you?

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