We Are Broken

October 23, 2011
By Saska_Kitocha BRONZE, Sawyer, Minnesota
Saska_Kitocha BRONZE, Sawyer, Minnesota
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Miss Misery
Can we not function properly in life?
No, not without the death, pain, and chaos.
We are selfish and dead, We are Broken.
We are made up of porcelain pieces,
laying shattered upon the cleansing dirt.
We are but stolen breath, We are Broken.
Our eyes are glassy, empty, and hollow.
Our heart is cold and made of filthy stone.
We be less than sad fools, We are Broken.
We be monsters, Broken and shattered,
We are who we shall be and be we must,
To the disappointment of life and Earth,
We exist here darkly, We are Broken.

Fallen Ace
With passion and lust do we start our lives,
We hold these lives to us with a great greed.
Lost and unfounded, we are Born Broken.
We may be born into this broken life,
but it is by our fault that we remain
in this broken state, as fate is nothing.

The author's comments:
This is my first attempt at using Iambic Pentameter. It originally started as a conversation I had with myself and my inner beings. Miss Misery is the part of me that craves sadness and pain and Fallen Ace is just another name to mask my own. This piece used to be longer but I cut out what I considered to be meaningless jabber.

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