What Happens When...

March 15, 2008
By Shana Szpek, Traverse City, MI

Whats happens when a girl thinks,

Waking up is like going in to battle; fighting a war.

You try to explain that its not measurable.

And she just doesnt listen-- she wont.

Your in constant arguement about whats worse.

Shes a young girl and has not yet learned;

Shes loved and cherished constantly,

They praise the ground she walks on.

One word to explain it all: spoiled.

And thats what she is.

She cant respect, be happy for others.

She cant learn to realize whats right and wrong.

And i cant keep trying, trying so, so very hard.

To show her that her life is anything but bad.

Far from imperfect, she has perfection itself.

Yet she wallows in self pity.

As bombs go off and neighbors die.

Brothers from afar and unseen sisters.

Never to be reagained, never to be meet.

And now its over.

And she still wont understand.

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