When the World Goes Round

March 15, 2008
When the world goes round
Will you send me down
Send me down, spiraling
For I'm wasting away
And theres nothing you can do
About this vague memory
Of life in its ending moments

Design this future
From professional looks
I'm already below expectations
It really couldn't be any worse

In the end the world will
Crumble around you
As you stand by to
Watch silently
So stand by and
Wait a moment
As the world crumbles away

I'm a fool to have believed
That i could fix this all
Let alone in a days work
Exactness is over rated
And perfection over used
Aggressive actions take motion
Pictures swirl everywhere

For in the end,
We may need reminders
Of all the times
Before peer pressure
And the life of failure

Before the world crumbles down
snap a shot
While wearing a crown
Be a queen
For a day in your life
Forgetting it all
Hugs and loves
Fix it up today
For tomorrows another story

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