October 22, 2011
By SamanthaSawh BRONZE, Kearny, New Jersey
SamanthaSawh BRONZE, Kearny, New Jersey
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The world, as wheel,
Turning so fast.
The people as lights,
Fake as the colors they cast.
Flickering by night,
Gleaming by day,
Swaying in the wind,
Always swaying the same way.
All the same colors,
All the same glow,
Not the same in their cores,
But the same as they show.
Afraid to be vibrant,
Scared to dance free,
Taunted by others,
Always told what to be.
As other shine special,
Their colors their own,
Disgraced by the others,
In their eyes, out shown.
Lost in a sea,
Of lights all the same,
Fighting to be noticed,
To make their own name.
As people keepy copying,
To make the same shine.
Afraid of looking different,
Afraid of what they’ll find.
Tired of being outcasts,
Sick of all the pain,
Not seeing making a new color,
Has the most to gain.
These people, as lights,
Each with different colors to cast,
Yet this wheel spins on hurt,
Never letting colors last.
So turn the wheel the other way,
Ease someone’s heart,
Make your colors a little brighter,
And set yourself apart.

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