I Try to Move On

March 15, 2008
I try to move on
I didn't think it would take this long,
so many tears I've cried
my feelings I now try to hide,
so many questions asked
it's hard to face the facts,
running away from reality
trying to think positively,
making the best of it
since my life is full of sh**,
the looks on their faces
holding me in different places,
they've changed my past
the memories will last,
all the pain you've brought
my lesson has been taught,
every time I close my eyes
I wanna hide,
seeing them in my dreams
its scarier than it seems,
running away from home
it's where they get me best,
going somewhere I'm alone
my haven where I lay to rest,
my feelings I now will hide
it's better to keep them inside,
living in my own world
trying to be a normal girl,
the past is gone
I can't change what I've done,
I can't cry anymore
like I did before,
I have no more emotions
no more caring about anyone's else condition,
no more eyes
and believing their lies,
I'll walk my own road
and carry my own load,
the worst is done
I don't care what happens now,
because my faith is gone...

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Taylor L. said...
Sept. 10, 2010 at 12:45 pm
Wow... Im speachless, This is really good. I can relate to that. Its really tough going thro that stuff that people go thro. But i really think that your a good writer. Keep doing. I really like this peice. (:
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