Silent Nights of Teary Eyes

March 15, 2008
By Porsche' Purkett, Tampa, FL

Silent nights of teary eyes,
Whispers in the dark
Sunlight shines in light of dawn,
Hearts are beating pure.
She comes to me in mystery,
With shields of tainted love.
She is the sunlight broken free, almost is the heart of stone.
That heart must learn to be loved.
In this darkness waiting there
She found me torn, unkempt.
Opened my heart to so much more,
Of which I had never met.
How can this be?
This tainted soul to love the unkempt heart?
Together these hearts beat as one.
One beat.
Ba-bum Ba-bum
As one they are in a world opposing
This love and all that it is.
How lucky two hearts of such a substance be found together.
My love for the tainted will never die.
The unkempt beating my oh my.
How surreal this feeling
Of love and peace that has finally come, swept over me…
Swept over me…
Swept over me.
Behold this time of life with her.
Never let go to her beating heart.
The smiling heart holds hands with love
And whispers “I love you” from the heavens above.

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