Letter to My Angel

March 15, 2008
By janessa mills, Sacramento, CA

(Dedicated to my Aunt Bobbie)

To my angel
You’re a rose with vines in a tangle
You’re full of sweetness that grows and grows
You’re so wise with all the things you know
You’re full of beauty and spice
This makes your personality oh so nice
Life with you is fun
In my eyes you as an auntie are number one
This letter is to inform you
Of the good things you do
Not just for me
But for all the family
So when you read this letter at night
Just remember its from someone bright
And remember that bright person loves you
Because that’s something special that I do
So remember you’re a rose with vines in a tangle
And you are also my number one angel!
With love from me
To my Aunt Bobbie.

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