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In a cold dark room,
A young girl sits
Holding a blade
Above her wrist
Her eyes wet from
The tears she’s cried
She lowers the blade,
Prepared to die
She stops for a moment,
To her surprise,
Looks up into a pair
Of warm blue eyes
He holds her arm
And takes the blade,
And knows that he’s
The one to blame
He told her she deserved
Better then him,
But she’d thought it
Was her own sins
The rain outside
Is the only noise,
As they remember the
Memories of birds and toys
Best friends as children,
Lovers after that
The bench in the park
Is where they sat
As he explained to her
This couldn’t last
And with these words,
The last stone was cast
She’d ran home
And taken a knife
And been prepared
To slice
When he remembered
What she had said
“If I wasn’t with you,
I’d want to be dead”
And know here they were,
She felt ashamed
And he felt sorry
For causing her pain
He looked into her eyes,
She looked into his
As he took the knife,
And cut his wrist
She gasped as the blood
Fell to the floor,
He couldn’t hurt her
He screamed in pain
As he closed his eyes
For what they both knew to be
The final time
Her tears fell
On him as he drew,
His very last breath,
She felt his pain, too
She grabbed the knife,
And did the same
And stifled the scream
As infinity came

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