Old Oak

October 19, 2011
By EmilyDC BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
EmilyDC BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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As I walked home
On that Tuesday afternoon
I decided to pick up
Some flowers for my
Wife. It was our
15 year Anniversary that

That day I walked
Up to my daughter’s
Flower shop, hoping she
Could help my find
The perfect flowers for
Her mother.

Instead, I found her
Fighting. I saw her
Boyfriend, Jeremy, hit her.
Then I saw her
Reach into her apron
Pocket and pull a
Derringer. Aim. Shoot. Fire.

He lay there, dead.
She ran to me.
Handed me the gun,
And fled the scene.

Six years since I
Saw that putrid sight
And was dragged away
In trammels.

Six months from now
I will come home
To an empty home.
Memories of what once

Six weeks from now
I will be tried
In front of a
Gang of jury dogs
Who I can only
Hope will hear my

Six days from now
I will be in the
Place that will bring
Me internal peace--Innocence.

Six hours from now
I will be set
Up to be judged
By a higher being.

Six minutes from now
I will be gifted

Six seconds from now
I will be set free
Under this old oak
Tree with a rope
Tied so high as
My final resting place.

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