Broken Stars

March 15, 2008
By Margaret West, Mountain Brook, AL

Seared into the door,
That seems to be the core,
Light shines through,
As though it is your own personal lore,
This door is not the one that is right,
And even though we did not fight,
You can’t look me in the eye,
Without showing me a lie,
You have kept deep inside,
I wish that you would not hide,
You seem to think talking to me is bad,
I just wish you were not mad,
You must know that my tears were rare,
And I no longer care,
About how you feel about me,
Because I have finally come to see,
Everything you said was fake,
You tried to leave destruction in your wake,
But I slammed the door – sending the core,
To shatter when it hit the floor,
Even though you wear a mask,
If I catch your eye all I see is shattered glass,
Even though it seems wrong,
I know that you were lying all along,
I am not lost,
Still I walk across,
Shattered glass,
And it glitters as I pass,
With every step I take,
I leave more pieces in my wake,
Light shines down from the sky,
And part of me wants to cry,
The glass cuts my skin,
But the light comes again,
All the glass,
From the past,
Shimmers in the light,
Keeping me out of sight,
But my soul has begun to mend,
And I am almost at the end,
This path covered in broken glass,
Is almost in the past,
But still with each step I take,
The more broken glass I make.

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