March 15, 2008
She's in my life,
She's in my business,
She's like a broken toilet that I can't fix.

She's there to fell glad when I cry,
For she forces my friends towards her.

She's a burden that I have to face,
Until I learn to cope with her.

She's the only one who can shut my mouth,
By saying those two words, "Shut Up!"

She makes my life worse by day,
I want her to go away.

If I say something false,
She corrects me and calls me a "liar".
If I say something bad,
She tells me I'm doing it to look cool.

She may seem innocent in a way,
But she's a devil to her prey.

She is a whisper in your ear,
A wisp of darkness in the light,
And a weed in a garden of flowers.

Maybe she's jealous, or maybe she's not,
I want peace, and it will be sought.

If my life was a road,
She is a dead end.
But if my life was a sentence,
She is the end punctuation.

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