Love of Mine

March 15, 2008
By Kelly Jensen, Farmington, CT

O Love of Mine,
someday you’ll see your big dreams
someday you’ll live in the future
some nights I’ll live in your past.

Love of Mine, kiss with all your strength
if she’s loved.

Play the romantics if you’d like

but fear the restrictions.
Open those blind eyes to that aching heart.

In your imagination you rein, Love.
May you battle my memory with shield and sword and
may you fear the armor of amour,
the permanence
and the immortality of mine.

I’ll be counting your tears,
your liquid frustrations.
When you’re with her, you’ll only give what you can
Truth will be liberated
if she won’t give your soul that much.

Love of mine, I’m just beyond your obstinate refrain
and just before your beckoning heart…
and there she stands-
with exuberant red rose weaponry,
a kiss that clenches.

While myself, I am what I am going to be:
a pacifist but a depression,
a desire you retain but by trepidation you dismiss.

We’re all afraid, Love.
We can’t regret what we refuse to miss
and we don’t miss what’s not yet replaced.
But us, we’re not like her.
We are who we are and we can love the way we miss.

I can offer one thing:
love of mine-
with a strength she’ll never care for.

O, while
roses die;
only some can cry.

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