March 15, 2008
By Diana Bernstein, Roslyn, NY

How would you say goodbye
to someone that you never knew
you were lost and left all alone
their words, by the hand, led you thru

you don't know the things of their past
as a youth , or even a child
as a kid , did they have fun at school
in their teens, did they change and get wild

was their first love with someone so special
that they're still hidden somewhere deep in their heart
was your first kiss all you had expected
is that when cupids first arrow hit its mark

i never would have dreamed there would be
a time I'd be able to say
i have a friend thats so special
wheres she at? shes in the UK

there are so many things still unknown
and yet, i'm so glad your my friend
2 months have seemed to fly by
i'm not ready for this friendship to end

so how would i say goodbye
to a friend thats so special to me
i tell you its not going to happen
friends always i hope that we'll be

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