Black Is White

October 28, 2011
By guitarman BRONZE, Syracuse, Nebraska
guitarman BRONZE, Syracuse, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
"Poetry is life, in motion"
- Andrew Smith

Black is white, day is night, the sun’s most bright when the light is low,
Listen to me carefully, and forget all that you know,
Boys are girls; girls are boys, broken children with broken toys,
Nature’s fury’s neither tired nor weary, you will cry ’cause you’re not cheery,
Hiding plainly within your view, Calam’s crinx are watching you!
Watch you eat and watch you sleep, Steal your soul for him to keep,
And if you try to escape, he’ll catch you in his sunless cape,
Calam is a convulsed clown, dancing singing all around,
Fright’ning chorus shakes the ground, you run in fear, to escape from here,
But he won’t let you even try, you’re stuck here forever aft’ you die,
His face is white with eyes so black he owns no mirror for it would crack!
You have run and tried to hide but there’s no escape once inside,
A dark and chilling ignited he**, filled with the sound of the iron bell,
The cracked ground white as night, is the only source where you’ll find light,
The copious slingfor glares at you, wants to turn you into food,
Calam calls his slingfor pet, joining my world you now regret,
Without any food you sit and suffer, then you realize there are others,
You are alone in this prison cell, but there are millions in this he**,
You call and cry and beg for aid, you move your mouth but no sound is made,
A red moth out in the distance then turns to Cheruv, Calam’s mistress,
You stretch and shake hard as you can, but these chains can’t be broken by mortal man,
Saints and sinners tied together with barbed wire, they’re whipped with leather,
Cheruv comes close to you, and now you know you cannot move,
You see the wretched face of her, resembles the worst of massacres!
She opens her mouth and shows a wide grin, laughing cynically as your punishment begins,
A man in red all drenched in blood storming towards you, each step a THUD!
He pulls a whip from on his side, he promised no pain but of course, he lied!
He tears your skin and rips it to shreds, gives you a feeling of pure and sure dread!
He walks away and laughs as you bleed, ignoring the fact that of help you’re in need,
Calam laughs as he swims in your tears, thinking of ways to worsen your fears,
You know that if ever you needed to escape, it would be now, from Calam’s cape,
Laughing and smiling he shreds through your soul, in wretched pain you wait for the toll,
The toll of the bell that will make Calam leave, and let you alone to cry and grieve,
Grieve o’er the life that you once had, a brother, a sister, a mom, and a dad,
Slowly you realize you’ll never return, to the world you lived in, in which you learned,
You learned to read and how to write, you learned how to steal and learned how to fight,
And then sometime long aft’ you arrived Calam walks by, and you ask him why,
Why you are here and why not at home, what have you done to live under his throne,
Calam sits and thinks a while, slowly but surely he begins to smile,
He looks at you, right in your eyes, they begin to burn and you see your lies,
The lies that you told when you were home, they were pitch black, but now they are chrome,
Crystal clear as you see all your crimes, the money you stole, ev’ry single dime,
You see the world that you yourself burned, and slowly you realize this life was EARNED,
You raise your head to show your tears, you now realize that you’ve earned your place here,
You try to find words to ask him your question, and when you ask his laugh it deafens,
You asked for another chance and Calam said, “NO!”

The author's comments:
This poem is my version of hell, it was inspired by the Dante Alighieri classic "The Divine Comedy". This poem also comes with a freaky coincidence, it is unintentionally 666 words in length!

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