10 Days of Band Camp

October 28, 2011
Day 1
I am surrounded by whom, in which I am not
Truly gone from my others
But with my hope, I will be led to the light
To the consent of my brothers and sisters
I will find my home
Day 2
There I am listening to the yelling of the leader
Wishing I was next to the water up the hill
But I knew I had to earn it
Right then my body stiffened
Day 3
I felt my skin burning
As if I was the Sunday fried egg
I marched vigorously into the cruel sun
Although I was hating the heat
I was proud of myself
Day 4
Just the same as before
But now I had learned my plan
My speed incredible
My determination even stronger

Day 5
I have been changed forever
A new perspective
And a new life
But the real thing hadn’t even started

Day 6
A new week started
And more unknown had shown up
Right then the new wave had started
I had become the wave’s puppet

Day 7
I received my artillery and took off
Jogging into the wave
Helping my new acquaintances along the way
I thought to myself
“This might be home”

Day 8
I had met even more unknown
Some new just alike
This was great
New so called “friends”

Day 9
My new found friends had given me a gift
Something I’ll never get rid of
My gift was great
How could I refuse

Day 10
My feast was almost prepared
I was…we were ready
We were about to start something great
Me and my family
We were one

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