Suicidal Sleeping

October 24, 2011
My life is filled with
Depression, hate, and tears
From all the
Deadly dreams, suicidal threats and fears
I wish I could
Sleep all day, and sleep all night
Bury my face inside the
And hide from the
The suicidal thoughts
Comes to mind
Where my
Dreams, accomplishments, and happiness
Was never in front of me
It was always behind
To wake up and see
I am still alive
Makes me hate myself even more, makes me sit angry
And cry
Seeing people live their lives
With dreams, happiness, and joyful cries
Makes me wonder as I sit here
Dying and begin to cry, hoping
That I
Get killed or shot and just sit here
To bleed to death, cry for help, yell in agony
But no one came, so soon enough I have the choice
To finally rest
My soul
And happily die!

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