March 14, 2008
By rachel ausura, Newport News, VA

Raw is what my words are gonna be
if you can’t handle them then deal
‘cause I have to tell you how I feel
I can’t keep shutting them inside
listen up there’s no more lies.
you’ve screwed me up,
made me feel like nothing’s real
like it’s all a leather book
full of prophesies and methodologies
that do not apply to me
and can’t even try to be
the man you’re supposed to be.
they can’t wipe away my tears
or pick me up and hold me near
when the world bears its fangs
so listen up I say
and if it hurts then that’s okay
because I’ve hurt since I was born
since you took away and tore
a piece of my heart
that will never be the same.
I fear I’ll always be this way
‘cause you’ve screwed me up inside
took away a daughter's pride
made me second guess my life
never sure which way to turn
as I tumble through this maze,
yearning for that guiding hand
which was denied to me by the man
who holds the undeserving title-

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