"Where am I?"(The Shepherdess' reply)

October 22, 2011
By E.C.BaldwinIV GOLD, Centennial, Colorado
E.C.BaldwinIV GOLD, Centennial, Colorado
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And she replied,

"O'er this stead thee wicked show, begging heed of their owner's call.
Requesting they, inward, be rid of lies; t' dawn being all.

Oh! Here are you! That plants thee within, becoming another growing self.
Beyond, always are pair: two apart; Seeing simply one's self.

Enough with phrases left to riddle, though! Venture along, and find your pass.
Fly! Flit! Dash! Blindness parts, wakening you and all. See, alas!"

The author's comments:
Whether it is through meditation, dreams, drugs, death, or some other method; this is the place we try to find our personal yet somehow universal truths.

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